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When Should I Start Planning A Funeral In Advance?

At the Elephas Group, we know first hand the benefits of planning a funeral in advance. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and every other important occasion in one’s life comes together perfectly when significant care, foresight, and planning is put into them. So it’s a shame that several funerals are still hastily planned in a very small window of time by grieving family members.

A funeral is often seen as the final and ultimate celebration of one’s life. As such, it deserves to be planned properly – and well in advance.

When is the best time for planning a funeral in advance?

funeral planning in advanceMany people will start thinking about planning a funeral at the time of some triggering events. In our previous blog post, we mentioned some of the events that spur people towards writing a will. In comparison to those events (buying a house, having children, getting married, etc.), thinking about planning a funeral in advance typically happens during a certain medical event or a sudden brush with mortality.

While it is good practice to start plan after these kinds of life-changing events, right now is the best time to consider planning a funeral.

Why right now? Because for many, planning a funeral in advance is something you may think is okay to put off for the time being. In many cases, it’s considered, talked about, but no significant steps end up being taken. Of course, when this is the case, you could enter a situation where you end up not having the ability to make any decisions at all.

If you truly want to remove the future burden and financial responsibility left behind for your family at the time of death, you can start making significant strides in the right direction today.

Planning a funeral in advance is easier than you think.

sunflowersYou are probably already thinking about planning a funeral in advance. Perhaps you’re just thinking about it, and are unsure of when to start formulating a plan. After all, starting to talk about funerals isn’t always an easy subject to broach.  

After calling for a free consultation with a consultant from the Elephas Group and the Final Needs Planning Program, you will find the whole process to be far more simple than you may have thought.

Our consultants will work to understand your unique situation and will be able to provide professional advice and a Final Needs Plan tailored for you. After setting up your own Final Needs Plan, you can rest easy knowing your family will be free from the burden of planning your funeral and your final wishes will be carried out.

Start Planning Today

Eager to find a Final Needs Plan that works for you or a loved one? By contacting one of our consultants, you can get started on the right path today. The Elephas Group is a family owned business, that specializes in making the lives of families like yours easier in a time of stress. Contact us today so we can discover how the Final Needs Planning Program can work for you and yours.


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