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Pros & Cons of Planning Private Funerals – Elephas Group

At Elephas Group, we are well aware of the complexities, nerves, and stresses that come with planning funerals. When debating the choices between hosting a private funeral, one should understand how that decision may affect both ourselves and others.

Today we will explore some of the reasons why private funerals can be a good fit and in some instances, why hosting a private funeral could come with some negatives. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong decision. Private funerals work better to serve the needs of certain families.

Reasons why people opt for private funerals

Easier to express feelings.

When a funeral is open to the public, the family is often introduced to many people they don’t know. Sometimes it can be more difficult to show vulnerability with those close to us, when there are so many people watching. When in grief, we are sometimes left without the energy required to be greeted by so many people. When the funeral is held with a close group, we feel more welcome to be our true selves.

funeralOptics can be easier.

At Elephas Group, we are aware of some of the complexities involved in planning a funeral. When planning a private funeral, there are considerably less people to worry about accommodating. Simply put, the optics of planning a private funeral can be a fair bit more simple. Especially when the funeral arrangements are made well in advance.

Can offer some savings

While not always the case, there can be some cost savings when opting for a private funeral service. With only a handful of guests in attendance, you may prefer to forgo things like large presentation flowers, and renting out a larger venue. Depending on the type of funeral you wish to have, sometimes opening it up to the public may not have a big impact on total cost.

Reasons why people prefer public funerals

elephas groupHurt feelings

At the time of loss, we know how important it is for us to stay and heal together. When we plan a private funeral, we kindly ask friends and families to understand and respect our space. However, we cannot control how others perceive that message. Public funerals will avoid any such hurt feelings.

Allows others to heal together

There may be people who the deceased had a major impact on. With a private funeral, some of these important people are being denied the closure they need. You may be surprised by some of the people, and how the deceased has touched their lives. Many time, the stories these people have to share are very interesting.

The Importance of Communicating

Again, there is no wrong or right. The last thing we want while mourning is to offend any family or friends. For many things in life, we’re not going to be able to appease everyone. It’s important that we communicate effectively, and in a kind and respectable manner, that we wish for a private funeral would like people’s understanding. This way we won’t leave friends and families sitting around wondering why they didn’t receive an invitation.

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