The Many Benefits of the Elephas Final Needs Program

The Final Needs Program set out by the Elephas Group is proud to give people relief in knowing all of their final affairs have been addressed. Your family members will have an overwhelming amount of decisions and financial obligations to meet upon your death, but when you subscribe to the Final Needs Planning Program you can help lessen the financial worry and let them heal like a family should.

After building your final needs plan, you will be able to find peace in knowing the following questions are answered.

“What funeral home will be chosen?”

Perhaps you’ve had a great relationship with another funeral home in the past or would like to choose a funeral home that another beloved family member was cared for in.

“Will my wishes of a cremation or traditional burial be realized?”

There is a beauty in both of these traditions. We urge you to think about which option you believe is best for you.

“Which cemetery can my friends and family pay respects at, or where will my ashes be scattered?”

Perhaps there is a location that is more convenient for other family members to visit you at, or there are other family members you would like to be buried close to. Some prefer to have their ashes scattered over sentimental locations or beautiful scenic environments.

“What type or style of funeral service will I have?”

Many people don’t get a say in what type of funeral service they would receive. While the best funeral services are largely attributed to the beauty in the way a family or community comes to honour you, you are still able to personalize your funeral in many ways.

“What else will I be leaving behind?”

Often times family members are left tracking down your last rent, phone, cable, outstanding bills, as well as filing your last tax return. Pre Planning allows you to make those final expenses easier for your family to track down and pay.

“How will my family be taken care of?”

Helping families cope with financial burdens so they can focus on the healing process is essentially the main tenant of the Elephas Group and the Final Needs Planning Service. One of the greatest final gift your can give are your savings or life insurance you may have going to towards your family’s ongoing living expenses.

“How much pressure will my death cause my family?”

Most often all of the final decisions made by family members  are necessary to be made on a moment’s notice while vulnerable and under pressure. Developing a sound and well thought out plan ahead of time will go a long way in relieving some of the added stress for your family members.

When you aren’t able to answer the previous questions on your own, then perhaps it’s time to start pre planning your funeral. Isn’t it time to invest a brief amount of time to meet with one of our provincially approved licensed consultants? There is no medical required and everyone is guaranteed a plan that works for them. We urge you to consult a final needs planning guide that outlines all the steps you need to take or contact one of our final needs agents today.

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