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Final Needs Planning: Writing A Last Will and Testament

The Final Needs Planning Program is designed to help plan for the uncertain future today. Planning your funeral in advance is an excellent means of knowing your final affairs are in order. At the time of death, your family is protected from making tough legal and financial decisions. The same goes for writing a Last Will and Testament.

What is a will?

A will is a document that comes into effect at the time of death. This document contains your last wishes in regards to what happens to your property and other assets.

Why do I need to write a will?

If you currently have not written a will, you are open to the possibility of your loved ones not receiving the assets you would have wanted them to have.

When written out, the likelihood of your final wishes is maximized. This process makes the transition of your assets as smooth as possible. In a time where your family is in the grieving process already, having a written will can make everything just that little bit easier.

final needs planningWhen should I write a will?

Drafting a will is usually considered during certain triggering events. The following are the events people usually find it advantageous to write their will.

  • Getting married
  • Starting a new business or venture
  • Having children
  • Buying a house
  • Medical scare

It’s understandable that the grim and difficult process of writing a will isn’t on the top of most people’s priority lists. We can tell you the best time to write a will is now. Some see it as a rule of thumb to revisit their will every five years.

Should I consult a lawyer?

As long as your will is in the hands of a trusted executor or professional advisor, you can have the peace of mind that your last wishes can be carried out. That being said, a lawyer who specializes in last will and testaments will see that your will is legally sound and executed properly.

Other essential documents

Along with a will, there are a few other documents and matters that should be attended to.

Advanced Healthcare Directive

This document serves as a living will. It comes into effect in the event where you are unable to make decisions in a case of illness or any other other incapacity. An Advance Healthcare Directive will outline your wishes for future and end-of-life care.

Enduring Power of Attorney

A power of attorney helps others make financial decisions when you are unable to. A Power of Attorney authorizes someone you trust to manage your assets and sign legal documents. You Power of Attorney cannot change or create a new will for you.

Final Documents Service

Families can become overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork involved during and well after the death of their loved one. The Final Documents Service from the Final Needs Planning Program ensures all the necessary documentation is sent out to the necessary government entities. You can request more information about the Final Documents Service by clicking here.

The Final Needs Planning Program

Planning your last wishes isn’t always easy, but when it’s done well in advance, you can feel great that your family is protected from making hard financial decisions in a time of stress. For more information how you can plan your funeral in advance, find out how the Final Needs Planning Program by the Elephas Group can help you and yours.


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