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How Do I Know Final Expense Insurance Is Right for Me?

Through our Final Needs Planning ProgramTM,  Elephas Group has helped to protect thousands of individuals and their families. There are many reasons why these individuals have approached us for our final expense insurance plan.

If you’re unsure if funeral expense insurance is for you or not, consider why others have decided to take advantage of the benefits our program offers.

You will know if the final expense insurance offered through our Final Needs Planning ProgramTM is perfect for you if some of the following points speak to you.

1. For those who like to plan ahead

Those who plan ahead tend to not get surprised by anything. When you make arrangements far ahead of time, you can rest assured that you are ready for anything life throws your own or your family’s way. As we all know, life can come with a lot of nasty surprises and twists and turns.

For the one who likes to plans ahead, knowing your funeral service and all the necessary arrangements are bought and paid for and all your final wishes were to be carried out provides great comfort. So why not start today?

2. You’re looking to protect your family

Our plans put your needs first and foremost. The biggest need of all of our clients is to make sure their family isn’t left making tough financial decisions in such a short window, while grieving.

Think of the wide load of paperwork that needs to be filled out after a death. Instead of taking the time to be with the ones they love and heal, select family members are left signing several documents. That’s why we created the Final Documents Service is designed to ensure your family is free from endless forms to fill out. You can fill out the necessary paperwork ahead of time so your family can get back to what’s important.

3. You want full control over your funds and future payments

With a Final Needs Plan, backed by Assurant, your funds are protected as long as you live, they will grow tax-free, and will not increase. At the time of death, the funds will be released to cover the costs of the funeral within an average of 7 hours. You have full say over where your contributions are going.

4. You want to save money

By electing to purchase your funeral ahead of time, you are able to find opportunities where you can lock in today’s price. This strategy ultimately protects you from high rates of inflation. You also give yourself more time to find the right place, the right products, and the perfect deals, all at the right price.

5. You want the final say

By setting yourself up with Elephas Group’s Final Needs Planning ProgramTM, you have full say over your funeral and how the final expenses are covered. You get to decide the type of funeral, the costs, the right plan, all on your terms. The best part about planning ahead is knowing your family is in great hands.

So you’ve decided funeral insurance is a good idea, but you’re unsure of when you should start. Read our blog “When Should I Start Planning A Funeral In Advance” to help make that decision. Ultimately, the earlier you start your plan, the earlier you can rest assured knowing your family is protected against from hefty funeral bills.

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