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Preparing to Give a Fitting Eulogy – The Elephas Group

The Elephas Group is a family run business that takes pride in helping family and friends at the time of need. When you’re planning for a funeral, one of the parts some lament is having to give a eulogy. Eulogies are a key part to the healing process as it encourages conversation and an exchange of the fond memories of the life that was. When you are given the task of giving a eulogy, you have the opportunity to share a story, some cries and some laughs with your close family and friends.

We know that not everyone is a born with the gift of public speaking. The thought of getting in front of a group of people with the responsibility of honouring a loved one through speech can be daunting to most, but making a great heartwarming eulogy isn’t impossible.

Here are a couple of tips you should keep in mind when you are looking to give a fitting eulogy, or to help someone else who may be having second thoughts about giving it.

What to write?

If you’re stuck, try to make sure your eulogy contains some of these elements:

Share some traits and characteristics

What are some characteristics that can sum up the personality of the person’s life? Was he a loving father? Did she have an extremely loud laugh? Or were they the greatest bowler you’ve ever seen? Telling these small truths work well in reminding the audience of everything the person was about.

Tell a story

Think of a story that best sums up some that personality. The best stories are the ones that no one has heard, but they can picture the deceased in that moment. Write with the desire of someone saying “Oh, I can definitely see Robert doing that!”

Don’t be afraid to inspire laughter – It’s encouraged!

When writing a story, you should always look to include a bit of laughter. It’s the best medicine after all. It’s hard when writing a story to figure out how you can make the group laugh. You may have a hard time even writing down the name of your loved one without breaking into tears. Don’t be afraid to tell a joke or two. It’s completely safe, accepted at funerals and really brightens the mood of the room.

What would they say?

Look to include something the deceased would say if they were in the room right at that moment. Maybe it’s one of their favorite saying, a poem, a line from a song or maybe they’d be asking what’s the score of the baseball game?

Remember! Have a pen and paper ready!

Have a pen and paper on standby. The worst fear a writer has is coming up with a great idea and completely forgetting what they wanted to write down. Don’t just say you’ll remember it. Always write it down.

Getting through the Speech

Again, we’re not all public speakers, but anyone can make a fitting eulogy.

Have your speech written down, but try not to rely on reading word for word. A great eulogy is spoken from the heart. You know the loved one through and through and should have no problem remembering their story, so telling it shouldn’t be much different. If anything, try writing bullet points of topics you want to cover. Your speech becomes more alive when you are looking up, rather than looking down.

It’s okay to be nervous. You may cry while giving your speech. That’s completely normal. Just remember to take it slow and you will get through it. Stick to the script, fight through it and you’ll be happy you did.

If you are tasked with giving a eulogy we wish you the best luck and we hope this post has offered you some good insight and advice. Advice like this is an extension of how the Final Needs Planning Program by The Elephas Group can aid you and your loved ones get through the stressful times by establishing a well thought out final needs plan.

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