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Elephas Group – Different Approaches To the Grieving Process

Elephas Group exists to helps families when they need it most. When someone close to us passes away, we are left in a world that isn’t the same and feels unknown. Many can enter the grieving process in different ways. Some choose to seek comfort from others, some keep their thoughts and emotions to themselves. All are completely normal ways of processing grief.

In today’s blog post, we will cover some of the different healthy and conscious ways many people elect to grieve. Keep in mind, each individual will find different results from each method, and while some of us can prepare to deal with loss in advance, there are not telling what kind of emotions may arise.

Different grieving process methods

Again, there is no surefire solution to the grieving process. That being said, there are many positive steps you can start taking. Know that grief isn’t something you can just get over. It can take some time to acclimate to this new world without a loved one. But time will help make that possible. Review some of these options. Hopefully, you can find one that you are comfortable with.

Self preservation

The emotional and physical stress of a loss can weigh heavier on others. It’s important that you maintain your regular sleeping, eating, and exercise patterns.

elephas group phoneConfide in others

For many, grieving can be a lot tougher when done alone. When many of your close family and friends reach out, consider answering the call when you feel you’re ready. Keep in mind, your close friends and family may not know the perfect way to help. The important thing sometimes is the fact they are willing to be there for you.

Find a group

Sometimes the best people to open up to, are the ones who are going through the exact same thing. You may find opening up to others going through the grieving process to be a very healthy outlet. Many groups are lead by grief counselors who are able to provide great insight, right words, and help facilitate a more productive conversation. These types of groups can be found easily online, at local church, hospital, or other life  counseling centres.

Create a lasting reminder

There are many simple, yet powerful ways we can honour the life that was. Whether by planting a tree, celebrating an anniversary, or holding onto a symbol, we can find comfort in the new world we find ourselves in. In a recent blog post, we’ve highlighted “6 Powerful Ways We Can Remember Our Loved Ones.”

Get out thereelephas group

Many people find that starting a new physical activity, practicing a new hobby, or taking a new class may be a really productive way to deal with grief. When our minds are at work, it can be very therapeutic. Think about starting a cooking course, exploring some great trails, or going on that retreat you’ve been thinking about for years.

Find good stories

Films, music, art, and literature all provide us some good escape. Each medium has the power to connect us with stories that we can relate to.

Finding professional help

When the burden becomes too much to bear and everyday tasks are becoming nearly impossible, you can benefit greatly from a doctor’s assistance. Together you can explore other options to help you cope.

Read our blog “The Common Causes Of Funeral Stress” to get a better idea of what you can expect and prepare for when dealing with loss and funeral planning.

Elephas Group

With the benefit of funeral planning in advance, we can help lessen the impact of the financial stress that often comes with the grieving process. By electing to take care of the financial worries in advance with Elephas Group’s Final Needs Planning ProgramTM, your family can direct all of your focus towards grieving. Learn why you should consider taking advantage of the Final Needs Planning ProgramTM today.

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