How to Choose the Right Floral Arrangement for a Funeral Service

funeral_arrangement_planningThere are many elements that go into planning a funeral. Sometimes it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the decisions you have to make. You want to make all the right choices from the music and especially the flowers on display during the visitation and funeral service.


Picking flowers can sometimes be left to the florist, however, the arrangements we choose can have a significant emotional impact. It’s important when picking the flowers to understand the meaning behind them.

This blog will explore the meanings behind some of the more popular floral arrangements for funerals and other important things to consider.


Lilies are the most popular choice among funerals. The reason why they are considered a “go-to” choice lies in both their visual appeal as well as their symbolic nature. They commonly represent that the soul of the deceased has entered a state of peaceful innocence.

Christians are more likely to choose this flower as they also believe it symbolises virginity, purity, and the radiance of the soul. Additionally, many believe it is the flower that covered the Virgin Mary’s tomb.


Roses can represent many things. While they are known for love, romance, and passion, they also serve as a symbol of purity, innocence and spirituality.

Different coloured roses also carry their own meanings. Yellow for friendship, deep red for love and grief, white for reverence, humility, innocence, and youthfulness and dark pink for thankfulness


Orchid flowers make are known to make this one claim: “I will always love you.” The pink and white colours of the orchid flowers are also used to denote sympathy for the deceased.





Chrysanthemums or “Mums”

The use of Mums differs from continent to continent. Europeans use them as a symbol of death, whereas Asian countries use them as symbols of lamentation or grief. Additionally, in Asia this flower also symbolises rebirth. In North America, Chrysanthemums are looked at as a more positive and cheerful flower.




Carnations are commonly used in more grand sympathy arrangements. The red shows an affection and admiration, the pink remembrance, and white symbolises innocence and pure love.





The hydrangea is meant to represent true, heartfelt sympathy. The plant version of the is flower will last longer than the cut arrangement.



Making the Decision

Hopefully, after exploring the meanings and symbols of the previous floral arrangements, you have a better idea of what you are going to choose.

The next thing you have to consider is how you are going to display them. There are casket sprays which completely cover a casket, standing sprays that can take the shape of bouquets in baskets or vases, wreaths, hearts, and other symbols.

The funeral home will have the ability to handle your floral arrangements for you. When you plan the funeral in advance, you have more opportunity to discover a florist who will be able to put more time and thought into your arrangements.

After the service, there are likely going to be many leftover arrangements. These can be taken home, given out to close friends and family, left on the gravesite, or donated to a local charity, hospital, or nursing home.

For further insight into funeral pre-planning, contact one of our consultants at the Elephas Group today!

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