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6 Powerful Ways We Can Remember Our Loved Ones – Elephas Group

Elephas Group is a family run business, built on helping families cope after suffering a loss. As an extension of this commitment to helping families, we’d like to offer some interesting and great suggestions other people have found to honour and remember the loved ones that pass on.

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”        

– Anonymus.

elephas group tree1. Planting a tree or garden

Planting a tree or a garden for the deceased is an excellent way to give back to the environment, as well as serve as a place to pay your respects.

Is there a local park or trail nearby that the deceased used to frequent? Many cities and townships have their own commemorative tree and park bench programs that accept donations.

2. Celebrating their special moments

Anniversaries, birthdays, and other annual traditions still exist after someone has passed away. Whether you to invite family over to celebrate, serve some birthday cake after dinner, or simply send out an email reminder to the family, these days give us a chance to remember the deceased in a positive light.

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elephas group hobby3. Celebrating their hobbies

Was your loved one a bookworm? Try diving into some of their favourite stories. If you’re not in the mood for a long read, find a spot in the house to put their favourite books on display. If there are any hobbies that person was into (bowling, puzzles) perhaps you can pass those items them on to others who has a similar interest.

4. Finding a fitting piece of art

Any piece of art has the ability to tell many stories. There are surely many great pieces of art that can relate to the story of your loved one. Maybe a series of pictures of all the places they’ve lived, a framed poster of their favourite film, or a painting that is just able to capture the colour and energy that person brought into your life. You could even turn something like the fabric of their favourite clothes into a piece of art if you are really creative.

elephas group5. Wearing symbols of your loved ones.

There are many subtle ways we can honour our loved ones and keep them with us. During weddings, many brides and grooms will wear earrings, cufflinks, a bow, or other pieces of clothing or jewelry to make sure a piece of the loved one is at the event.

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6. Making a donation in their name

Is there a specific charity or organization the deceased felt very strongly about or contributed to regularly? If so, you can continue their passion by making regular donations in their name. You can also encourage others to donate to the organization of the deceased in their obituary or tribute.

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