Elephas Group – Why You Should Pre-arrange

Why you should pre-arrange and finance your funeral and final expenses through the Elephas Group and the Final Needs Planning program… 1. Peace of mind knowing family and loved ones will not be burdened with the emotional decision of what kind of funeral arrangements to be made according to your wishes, at the time of need. […]

Guide to Preplanning

UPDATE: We’ve created an entirely new website dedicated to helping you with your Final Needs Planning and any questions you may have. It’s inevitable, one hundred percent of us will be faced with making this decision. The amount of information out there has made it very easy to make the best choices. However, when it […]


I am often told by people that they already have insurance in the form of a Life Insurance Policy, and I let them know this is great and they’ve planned well.  However while Funeral Funding and Life Insurance products have similar outcomes, they don’t offer the same benefits. Both products are important to have as […]

Elephas Group – Thankful for Every Day

Nothing is further than the truth when one says “Live each day to the fullest because you never know what tomorrow will bring.” We at Elephas Group’s Final Needs Planning Program reach out to families on a daily basis. With our guidance we help remove the burden their families will have to face if death […]

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

1996 and 1997 was two of the hardest years in my life. One year to the day, I had to bury both my parents, without even having the chance to say goodbye. As I look back today, I remember how overwhelming the experience was to set up all of the funeral arrangements. Not only was […]

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Elephas Group – Pam’s Story

The Elephas Group takes great pride in helping people like Pam and her family by taking advantage of the Final Needs Planning Program. “This isn’t for me. It’s for my mother. She’s getting older and her health isn’t great, and I’m the one who looks after her, her bills, her meds…everything. I just don’t know […]

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Elephas Group – The Fragility of Life

Nobody knows more about the fragility of life than we at the Elephas Group. Our representatives are in contact with literally thousands of families per year, regarding the Final Needs Planning Program. Every one of our clients has related a story about how their life had been affected by the death of a loved one. […]